My friend Theresa and I started a project called PIC-NIC! We are doing food for photo shoots (get it? PIC-nic? haha!) This was our first gig- on Bremerton island, so beautiful! My favorite part about it is we use REAL dishes, napkins, and silverware for lunch rather than plastic or paper. It makes the day feel so much better when you eat good food!!!!!

Cafe Vita Theo blend coffee
Rye, seeded, multigrain toast
Homegrown tomatoes and organic cheese
Cinnamon roll
Raw almond spread, jam, butter

Roasted Washington tomato soup with rye crouton
Asparagus grain salad with lemon tahini dressing
Caprese salad with cow moz and purple basil
Green salad with freegan-foraged nasturtium
Crusty bread

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