I'm back! Testing out a Canon T1i and totally loving it. It's hard to tell if it's just because I haven't been able to take photos for so long or it really is an amazing camera. I think both.

Those radishes were getting kind of limp so I put them in some water. It reminded me of that science experiment from elementary school where you put sticks of celery in dyed water... or I guess I should say that the science experiment reminded me I could do that!
Sack of bags. I thought they were banning these in San Francisco, what happened with that? I always save them like I'm going to use them, but I never do. I want to do something beautiful like this. Gift em.
Paper mobile by German designer, who's name I'm forgetting now.


SASHA said...

yes i love his embroidery on plastic bags

Anonymous said...

hows you new camera! so funny we just got a lumix g2, doesn't look that different from the canon!

inkysocks said...

i have the t1i and i'm loving it.