I had Jessica over for lunch and took a stab at socca again...
This time I used the baking method because we have those crappy electric burners and it worked great!
I think the best rule of thumb is to know your first one will never turn out, something happens to the pan after the first one and then it's smooth sailing-
-1 cup chickpea flour
-1 cup luke warm water
-2 glugs good olive oil
-Sea salt to taste
-Lots of cracked black pepper
-Toasted cumin
Let dough sit for two hours (prob not necessary, but it worked well here)
Rub cast iron with a little butter or drizzle of olive oil, pour some dough in and let bake on 'broil' until golden.
Top with flakey sea salt and whatever topping you like. I made wilted onions in white wine. Oh and a good herb salad with vinegary dressing is a must.
So tasty!


dianne said...

this looks so delicious. Is the dough just the flour, oil and water mixed? I'm so all about stealing recipes from you btw... oh yeh!

alexa said...

Looks SO good –going to try that recipe, thanks for sharing it!

Yasmin said...

everything looks so "yummyyummy"