Thursday dinner idea...
Make Ärtsoppa, a Swedish yellow pea soup traditionally eaten on Thursdays. 
It's so easy and requires little ingredients! (Yellow peas, smoked pork belly, and onions)
⌇Soak peas overnight⌇
Brown pork belly and onions
Add stock
Cook for one hour
Add peas (that have been soaked overnight and drained) plus any herbs you have
Cook for one hour

Invite friends...
 We made potato and carrot råraka too
 It's just grated potato, carrot, leek/scallion, salt and pepper
 then topped them with smoked salmon and dill to eat as appetizers 

 with creamy Gouda, salted cucumbers, and farmers market kimchi
 and finished with a simple salad


montmarte said...

YUM! that looks so delicious!

Various Projects said...

sounds delish! love the wooden dishware, too.