Junya Watanabe
these also make me feel crazy


Mila said...

Very very pretty pictures!!

Have a great day (and weekend!)

:) Mila.

sasha said...

yes, i am looking at the cle site often, too. and just got back from a very junya watanabe obsessed walk. your post is very much expressing what i am thinking about. hoping tonight to finish a shirt stemming from some of these watanabe creations on impulse seattle.

Elaine Elwick Barr said...

Hi Ashley,

I stumbled upon your blog some months back..and I've been addicted ever since. You're very inspirational in what you show..thank you. As a result, I've given you an award, you might recognize who I got it from in the first place..:)

Thank you for sharing!

Elaine Barr

.girl ferment. said...

enticing fashion photos huh!

Michelle said...

mmmm, makes me want to get really cool glasses

janine said...

Would you mind directing me to where you saw these photos?
I have seen this girl somewhere...
Here -
Great inspiration.