Went over to Mayu's house to visit and shoot some photos of her wearing my dresses. She just got back from being in Japan for over a month and brought back so many treasures... candies, teas, bath salts, fabrics, and obis that she is going to make clutch purses with. My favorite thing: a garden of her mother's ceramic pots... SO AMAZING!


karin said...

Like your photos here. The garden looks very much like a calm space where you can find silence and energy.

peteski said...

Great product placement. I too am a big fan of Japanese packaging. There's a Mitsuwa in my neighborhood. Someday I'm going to get up the courage to actually buy something, I mainly just stare at stuff.

angie said...

those pots are beautiful and japanese textiles are always so pretty to look at. i love your blog! its contents inspire me!