Sometimes food just tastes better the next day. 
I tried to cook a dish from each country Aly is visiting for her au-revoir party.
By far, my favorite was the homemade sauerkraut and brats, but I am partial to these foods especially since I used my Omi's recipe;)
A close second was the borscht, whose recipe I got from our dear friend and culinary genius Rupert,
which was finished with fresh squeezed orange juice, fennel fronds, and homemade celery salt.
Geraldine even brought her massive Belgian waffle maker to finish the evening off right!
All of it was killer the next day.
Thanks Rupert ;)


Various Projects said...

such a fan of the homemade borscht. i've yet to make my own sauerkraut, though. sounds delish!

ashley said...

you should try making sauerkraut... so easy, just salt and cabbage! it's so subtle and wholesome tasting when you make it yourself.