Got recipe for barley water that this girl drinks (it's suppose to be good for your skin)
from MS Whole Living and decided to make it this evening. 
So good:
Water of cooked pearled barley, juice of three lemons and six oranges
(her recipe calls for brown sugar to taste, but the oranges are plenty sweet)
I can't describe how nourishing this tastes, it has a subtle taste of orange juice but has this silky quality to it.
 And so much more depth...
Afterwards I enjoyed the cooked barley with homemade sauerkraut!


des said...

have you tried making rejuvelac or coconut water kefir?
it does wonders as a probiotic + for your skin as well. and if you mix the coconut kefir with orange ginger juice you have yourself a pretty fine raw mock mimosa!

ashley said...

amazing- so funny you mention this! i just stayed up late last night reading a book on fermenting that my friend yvonne gave me for new years... kefir is totally my next project. do you happen to have kefir grains by chance? that seemed like the hardest bit- finding the grains. although i haven't checked at my local co-op.. maybe they sell them

lauren said...

aaah i was looking at this last week and it made me so sad that i can't have barley!
i did make the toner on the next page though... :)

des said...

i ordered my water kefir grains on amazon + there are some great youtube videos on how to grow + maintain them. its super easy and delicious. i'd love to know the title of the book you're reading, we are big kim chi fans at my house would welcome other recipes.


ashley said...

cool! i'm excited to try it... the book i'm reading is called 'wild fermentation' by sandor ellix katz. let me know what you think. i like it because she gives all the basics and encourages you to try whatever... totally my style!

Emily said...

Ashley, you are out of control! I love it.

dianne@icefloe said...

I love Lemon & Barley concentrate - it totally never occurred to me to try and make it from scratch myself. This is happening this weekend! Thank you!