Butter lettuce with Pedro Ximenez vinegar (suggestion from my friend Leif), Regina EVOO, and herbs
Smoked trout
the last of our spicy picked carrots
p.s.- it's snowing in Seattle and Alyson has some pretty magical photos...
p.p.s.- OMG did you see my post on Doug? SOOO good!


melinda said...

hi ashley.
those stitched vessels ♡♡♡♡ wow.

ashley said...

I know RIGHT? I freaked out- they are so beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Wow yes, your friend Doug make gorgeous work!

Your food always looks so delicious and inspires me to eat better on a daily basis. Must try Regina & Pedro at home.

What chu talking about with your hair?! It's twice as long as when I saw you in March! So pretty.