Inspired by this Chez Panisse Menu cookbook lately. 
I like it because it's more of an inspirational cookbook than a cookbook with recipes... 
The chapters read like this: inspirations and adaptations, seasonal menus, menus for special occasions, themes and variations, and uncomplicated menus. 
That's my cuppa tea.
We are planning a holiday soiree at our house and I am thinking of decorating the table with the following:

kumamoto oysters 
spicy sausages
smoked trout
three cow cheeses
d'avignon radishes with sweet butter
japanese chestnuts

Any other suggestions?


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Various nuts in the shell + a nutcracker or two could be a nice addition.

ashley said...

oh yeah! nuts! nice addition...

Anonymous said...

I knew your menu would be delicious & elegant.. very excited about this

Vanessa said...

I have to get my hands on this cookbook! Where did you get it?

Suggestions: you can never have too much cheese :)

Vanessa x

Nathaniel T. Price said...

A fruit pickle would be nice. That is a wonderful cookbook. I second the whole nut suggestion.....especially walnuts.