Yesterday evening we decided to pool our farmers market bounty with some friends,
which resulted in having all the ingredients to make several dishes from Plenty.
We decided on making the lentils with broiled eggplant, yum!


roberta jane said...

yum! i would love to know how to make broiled eggplant!

NICOMADE said...

i'm obsessed with ottolenghi's cookbook. so delicious and fresh.

ashley said...

here is my rendition of the braised eggplant:

broil whole eggplant in oven until inside is soft and mushy.

meanwhile, cook dark lentils with a small carrot, halved white onion, celery stick, garlic clove, salt.
remove carrot, onion, celery, and garlic when lentils are tender.

transfer lentils to a baking dish. add freshly quartered carrot, halved cherry tomatoes, and cilantro. bake at 375 until carrot is cooked and tomatoes are melting.

scape eggplant out of its skin into a bowl. add salt and pepper to taste. mash.

serve eggplant on top of lentils and offer creme fraiche or greek yogurt for garnish

anna said...

my goodness you eat well! its inspiring.