Catching up on some reading
and have to say that last Sunday's issue of the NYT Mag was exceptional. 
It answered questions I have always had, but just didn't know it.
Plus Mark Bittman created a "Dinner Party Matrix"
which is very comprehensive, yet simple.
I realized I eat like they did in 1811:
Leftovers for breakfast!
Here's this morning's rendition of yesterday's lentil soup (added peas and chard):


silvia said...

wow, that look sooo good... :)

L and D Rasmussen said...

I have been enjoying the same magazine this week. These topics are very important, for the brain and the belly.

Various Projects said...

i love bitty. :) i saw his matrix online. so good.

m.e.w. said...

I loved that issue too. Read it cover to cover. The matrix was genius.

Sara said...

I love eating leftovers for breakfast :)