INCREDIBLE dinner at Jen's! 
She farms at Oxbow, one of my favorite vendors at the farmers market.
I was so blown away by the bounty in her kitchen...
As in: 
the oven was filled with boxes full of beautifully ripe cherry tomatoes,
the fridge was packed with the abundance she has been canning, 
and her baskets were overflowing with giant shallots, tomatillos, and artichokes.
It made me desperate to work on a farm, I am so sad that harvest is over :( 

The fridge is stacked top to bottom with salsas, peaches in champagne, pickles and jams
tomato jam: heirloom tomato, ginger, orange zest, salt
the sweetest roasted tomatoes 

baby gems!
Pumpkin soup (pumpkin, leeks, créme fraiche, nutmeg)
baby gems, purple basil, pastachio salad
Ahhh, love
Thank you Jen and Adam!


R.G. said...

looks like such a good, beautiful meal!

Mdmslle. said...

Wonderful food post. As always!