We had Darcie and Jeanne over for dinner and made some pretty delicious food inspired by the Ballard farmers market. It was so good in fact, I forgot to take pictures of the main dish!


Black trumpet and sausage terrine with arugula salad, radish, stone mustard and Sara and Gust's homemade pickles

Shot of homemade chicken stock

Homemade fazzoletti (handkerchief) pasta with black trumpets and sausage over a beurre blanc leek puree 

Lava cakes with blackberries and mint tea (also didn't take pics of!)

farmstead butter from Sea Breeze farm

Easy noodle dough: 3 yolks, 2 whole eggs, flour, water, salt
I got this idea from the Neiman Marcus café, where they serve you a tiny cup of soup stock and a small fluffy cheese pastry before you order... I just LOVE this idea, it's so comforting and delicious. Plus I got to use my new pottery from the Goodwill :)
So this is just the beginning, but the rest was great!


R.G. said...

a cup of soup sounds like a good way to start off a meal. everything looks so delicious!

emma said...

i love this a lot and miss you and want you to come eat all the amazing hand-pulled noodles in new york!