I feel like dressing more feminine this fall. Maybe I will trade in some of my button ups for blouses and oxfords for heels and shorts for skirts.


emma said...

i don't know, i got some python oxfords today and i'm pretty sold on that one.

SASHA said...

for years i only owned two skirts. one i made for a wedding and was in long yellow linen and i recently gave it away. now i am down to one --beautiful shades of patchwork brown leather given to me about 10 years ago by an older friend, it was hers in the 60s, have worn it a few times but i just can't even find my comfort level in shorts let alone skirts. and heels are another matter entirely. i'm pants and shoes and shirts (preferably long sleeves + sweaters) all the way:)))

sonya said...

im all about the skirts. bring it on!

miss sophie said...

i've been trying for ages to get into skirts - i think i've settled for dresses as an alternate to my shrits+jeans+boots habit.

btw, just found your blog and its lovely! :)