One of my New Year's resolutions is to practice roasting a chicken to perfection. I usually don't take the time to follow directions and they don't turn out quite as good as they could. I've looked at many recipes and the one that I did last night was simple and fast. Here is my rendition from Gourmet Mag:

-Preheat oven to 475º
-clean chicken
-make rub with unsalted butter and minced garlic
-rub butter mixture under skin and use remaining to rub inside chicken cavity
-stuff cavity with lemons if you some, truss
-salt pepper
-put in a cast iron skillet
-cook for 20 mins or so or until golden brown
-turn temp down to 350º until cooked

We ate it with roasted curly cabbage and squeezed lemon, I thought it turned out delicious, but I am excited to try out some other recipes to get it down pat! Next I will brine it I think.

Oh! and check out that cute water craft I got at Gravel and Gold!

Any good chicken roasting recommendations?


Shayna said...


My tried and true chicken roasting method is the Zuni cafe salted chicken. I got the recipe via Orangette:

ashley said...

thanks shayna- i like the simplicity of that one!

g. said...

hi ashley,
also, if you just cut up your favorite veggies, right now parsnip, fennel... toss them with olive oil and salt, put them on a cookie sheet then set your whole chicken on top to roast, flipping once-- all the drippings will make the veggies even more delicious.
another fun thing, we found a ronco rotisserie at the thrift store! set it and forget it. you can roast the chicken over the veggies in that too. ha!
did you get my last email with photos?
hope all is well. g

SASHA said...

i think half the battle is having a good heavy roasting pan + a good rack to hold the chicken over the juices (+ to know your oven is really 400 when it's set at 400):)
chicken roasting is on my agenda too, i want to make it, like once a week so i can make jars upon jars of stock from the bones for other things!!

ashley said...

yeah! that's what i was thinking too- every week. i need to get some glass jars so i can freeze the stocks..

Anonymous said...

try roasting it on hay and aromats like ruppie does!!
-meadow hay
-zest of lemons orange grapefruit, whatever
-cinnamon sticks, star anise, and cardamon