Inspiration from Ku:nel.
pork brisket/butter lettuce tacos with cilantro and quick pickled cucumber
We marinated the brisket in scallion, ginger, garlic and soy sauce for 24 hours
then cooked it for 8 hours on 200┬║
so delicious!


Minnie said...

Is it fresh ginger. Oh looks so yummy. This weekend I will make it

thelittlesketchbook said...

Kunel looks like a good read.

I've been enjoying your blog for a couple of months now. All your posts are so inspiring. Thanks so much.

sophie said...

I know this is an old post.. so you may not check the comments. But I'm throwing a dinner party for my birthday and was going over your blog for inspiration - we have quite the same tastes in what we like to cook it seems- and this pork just seems to incredible not to make!!

Do you by any chance remember how you made it? Do you just marinate it and then cover it with stock and slow cook it??