Chapatis, roasted mushroom (inspired by Coco), and steamed greens (broccolini and collards)...
They were delicious, but I would have rather eaten them with curry and rice for more dipping.
The recipe is really easy:
2 cups organic whole wheat flour
2 tablespoons sunflower oil
1 cup warm water
salt, cracked pepper, and cumin to taste
Combine ingredients, knead with hands, let dough stand one hour, add one more teaspoon of sunflower oil to dough, roll into 20 small balls, then roll flat and cook on cast iron surface until bubbles form. Brush with ghee, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

mmm, chapatis. so easy to make, and so satisfying! i love mine cut with chickpea flour, too..

Cheryl said...

I love chapati. It looks easy to make! will give it a try. TY!

coco said...

oh ashley,
this looks so delicious, i am going to try. never had chapati before.
but do you put roasted mashroom and other things to wrap them?