SUCCESS! The biggest success was dessert, mostly because I am not too good at doing dessert and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make a rhubarb compote (thanks everyone). I only used a teaspoon of sugar instead of the recommended CUP (!) and it turned out perfectly tart. I can't wait to try it for breakfast with some strained yogurt. Yum.
 Delicious goat camembert from the Ballard market
 Tall Grass  whole wheat

 fresh shucked peas for the panzanella 
Israeli couscous with heirloom tomato and feta

Herbed lamb meatballs with simple mint sauce
 Wood sorrel

 Rhubarb compote with ice cream and shortbreads from Cafe Besalu... (I kind of cheated, but it was the right thing to do for this particular dinner)
 Happy Spring!


Mdmslle. said...

Seems like you had a great time while cooking this awesome dinner! Thanks for sharing this, good food always inspires me! I am not a great fan of rhubarb but I think I will give it a try this week with a nice recipe I found these days.

montmarte said...

yum!! looks so beautiful and delicious!

Paper Heart Girl said...

Wow, you've given me some great ideas! This all looks wonderful! :) xxx

C SATHAL said...

it's always so tasty here!

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

lovely pictures, each of them !