Some more good finds from thrifting. These containers remind me of the Commune/Heath ones, but I had to sand the tops quite a bit to get them to look more rounded. They will be nice to use for leftovers, especially since we only have one pot!

P.S.- Does anyone know how to widen the space for images? I forgot how to do it and noticed all my pictures are cut off...

 A nice pouring bowl and a beautifully made Isaac Mizrahi taupe blazer


K said...

your finds are always so amazing. thanks for sharing!

would love to see a tour of your home sometime too!

Ella said...

Ooooh I love that pouring bowl!

If you still need to - the way to change the size of your blog is to go into 'template designer' (under 'design') and then 'adjust widths'.


ashley said...

thanks ella,

for some reason the "simple" template won't allow the change widths option.... so weird.


Jennifer said...

Just met Isaac Mizrahi while I was in NYC ( he's old friends with T's gallerists there).
I love his designs & think that his work is underappreciated in this country. Another successful thrifting trip for you!