TEXTILE SCULPTURES: This book is incredible! Cameron pulled it off her bookshelf while we were brainstorming about a music video and some costumes for her performances. I want to know where all this work is! It's so spectacular, if anyone knows any museums that some of this work is in, please let me know.
tadek beutlich

And SHELTER: so inspired by these domes and buffalo. Am looking to make a covering for a geodesic dome at the moment, kind of similar to the straw domes below, but with wool.


melindatrees said...

hey ashley, we d love to have a coffee with you.we are here until the 16th, staying in japantown.
ive visited the places you suggested, thanks. i love rainbow..
let me know when is good for you.we are pretty much free.just the weekend we have the opening of which is why we are here!
hopefully see you soon :-)

Ashes and Milk said...

I love these images! They are so inspiring. Also, I have the book Shelter. Isn't it wild?!