Here is the beautiful song that the extremely talented Cameron Mesirow of Glasser created for my piece at IKO IKO. It was based on Gaelic waulking songs, which are sung during the fulling process of felting. When I am fulling my wool, I often hum song-like-prayers as a sort of meditation. This performance gave me chills and I felt my soul.


GAIL said...

Great show. Your friend has an absolutely amazing voice!

SASHA said...

gave me chills, too, even without being there. and in front of your piece that is just so, so beautiful: sublime coupling, the feeling evoked is the way i wish everything surrounding everyone and everything alive on earth could always be.

p.s. that radu stern against fashion book is one of my all-time favorites, definitely one to acquire for oneself, if you haven't already!

sonya gallardo said...

Wow, that was really special. Beautiful. Her voice, amazing.