ashley helvey is looking for a small sheep farm to work on in iceland. please help.


P said...

Can I come too?

Apparently, the majority of the population of Iceland either believes in elves or is not willing to rule out their existence. I think that's pretty rad.

SASHA said...

did you look at WOOF (worldwide org. of organic farming)? it's not only strictly organic vegetable farms. there are other sustainable growth related things, too, sheep might be included.

dish said...


These are usually for holidays, but I am sure you can find a farm where a family will let you work.

nikole said...

i'd like to come too

Kaela said...

hi hi, i lived in iceland for a little while and still know a lot of people there...i might be able to help. i actually wwoofed for a time on a farm near selfoss-- but with medicinal herbs, not sheep. :)

i think you will probably have to go out of the wwoof network, because the only wwoof farms are vegetable ones.

p.s.--i like your blogs a lot. :)

Kaela said...

oh, my email is kaelanoelATgmail.com

and small world: sasha d. is married to a friend of mine! i couldn't make it to their wedding, but i hope to meet her someday.