1. Communi-tea at 11:00 (gocco dish towel workshops Thursdays 7-9)
2. Waldorf apron from Liberty of London
3. Dutch coasters and coffee pot
4. My key chain :)


sasha said...

i have a leopard key, but am lacking such a beautiful keychain.

mieke willems said...

hey that's a really nice teatowel!! did you make it? it looks so old!!!

ashley said...

mieke! it's a gocco print that this girl who is teaching a class at the shop made! i agree, it does look old :)

sonya gallardo said...

hey ashley,
it's sonya (the new girl in this city who knows maggie), i moved in and all is well! it's the weekend and i don't really know what to do with myself. i'm down to get out and meet some new peeps, and that includes you :)

i have heard a lot about you & would love to meet up.



rawbean said...

Oh my god I love that apron!