Tonight I got to see Cameron perform for the first time in San Francisco! It was the most amazing performance ever! Totally blew my mind... She performs with a dance troup called Body City, their choreography is so unusual and delightful and the music is soo soo good. I highly recommend listening. and seeing a show if you're in NY or LA.


karin said...

These photos are so nice. (I like blurry photos :)
I just tagged you.

sasha said...

i agree. the photos are very nice and in this way become now component to the dance itself. i love how art is so circular.

mette/ungt blod said...

hey i just tagged you too!!!! KARIN you are too quick.. i think we are all tagging in circles now!

sonya said...

hi there,
i know maggie here in la (shes my friend's sister) and she was telling me about her creative friend that makes felted dresses (you). she gave me the name of your blog and so i looked it up. great blog, i am bookmarking it!

my friend erick is making a video for body city, and he had told me about how neat they are, but unfortunately i have never seen them perform. it's never too late.

nice talking to you.

ps: if you know of any available apartments in sf, let me know. i need to find something in the next two weeks.

ashley said...

hi sonya,

i don't know of any apartments in the city right now, but let us know when you're up here. maggie is moving up here next month! yay! good luck in your search :)

sonya gallardo said...

yeah, i just found out she was moving too. well, i'll have to meet up with you girls!