Leif Hedendal was the brilliant chef behind Sasha Duerr's plant dye workshop A Dinner to Dye For, which it most certainly was! He is responsible for much of San Francisco's underground food movement, cheffing secret dinners and supper clubs all around the Bay Area using only the highest quality local and organic produce (as in your backyard). Aaa.. secret dinners? Nothing sounds more perfect to me. I also had the pleasure of seeing him do a mini workshop at the Maker Faire on his menu design this weekend :)

Here is his menu from Sasha's event (the best part was how he designed the menu to have a fiber or dye producing plant in each course!):

Mache, orach, upland cress, watermelon radish, kumquat, walnut, and andante chevre

Soup of princess laratte potato, golden turnip, knoll green garlic, star route baby favas, saffron, and berkswell

Knoll rapinis, dandelion, various kales, black trumpets

Dirty girl chioggas with puree of stinging nettles

Riverdog asparagus with gold nugget mandarin and Strauss brown butter

Rancho gordo tepary beans with red cabbage, avacado, fennel, coriander, sesame, ginger, and hemp

Strawberry, young coconut, lemongrass, blossom bluff dried stonefruit confit, Cowgirl Creamery creme fraiche, maple, tonka bean



Line said...

oh - I would love to taste some of this chefs creative menus! And the plant dying you are into seems so interesting! Where I live, there are some mussels that were used for dying purple. When you touch them, your fingers get purple ... Last year there was a workshop only about the colour purple with people from all over the world.

karin said...

Secret dinners - that's something I'd love to be part of. And that menu sounds so fantastic. Plenty of wonderful ingredients.