I'm off to Seattle to visit my long time friend Gail! Have a wonderful weekend!


marie said...

oh have fun! ive never been im not much help.. id love to hear about it!

Bobbie said...

You should visit Fremont -- There are a couple really cute shops. Clothing-wise, Impulse is fantastic.

If you have a chance to visit Ballard, there are many wonderful boutiques right off the main street, Market St. Visit Sonic Boom to browse great music.

The Eastside (Bellevue), has some nice stores, but they are all the generic high end stores that are available anywhere.

Pike Place is a tourist destination, but is actually very interesting. Marimekko on 1st Ave, close to Pike Place is one of my favorite boutiques. Le Pichet is a great place to stop for a food break. Pink Door is a great Italian place to eat at.

Moving away from Pike Place, toward Belltown, there are many more restaurant options (just check out the crowdedness of the restaurant to gauge popularity). The Olympic Sculpture Park is a fun place to enjoy art simultaneously with the outdoors.

Capitol Hill is a great place to shop and people watch. There are some great thrift stores.

Seattle is known for coffee because of Starbucks, but it as also bred a lot of coffee elitist who never touch the stuff (myself included). Locals love Vivace and also Cafe Vita (both have locations in Capitol Hill) Try Intelligencia coffee or the amazing Chai from Trabant on 2nd Ave or on 45th in the University District as well.

Have a great trip! Hope this helps. Can't wait to see your postings of Seattle on your blog!

Michelle said...

Oh what fun, have a great trip

ashley rose helvey said...

wow bobbie! thanks so much for the awesome recommendations! if only i hadn't seen this before i'd left :) i did enjoy ballard very much, especially IMPULSE, if only that could be my permanent wardrobe!! thanks so much!!!

caitlyn said...

i love these shorts, where are they from?
i hope your trip was wonderful!
i've linked to you over at my blog
thank you for the wonderful inspiration