This weekend I had the honor of meeting Swedish jewelrey designer Pia Aleborg. She is living in Palo Alto for a year with her new baby and husband who is doing research at Stanford and is looking for places to show her jewelrey. I introduced her to Louesa of August in Oakland which seems like the perfect fit and hence got to see a sneak peak of her beautiful work.

The materials she uses are almost unidentifiable; you look, then look again and you're forced to want to touch it! For me, the way she connects the jewelrey's relationship to its surroundings and the way it interacts with the body gives me a whole new perspective on jewelrey or anything we put on our body.

^^^ Olivia is having a show of her drawings at August May 17th
Pia and her husband
their sweet baby Anna


Michelle said...

What beautiful jewelery. I love how unusual these pieces are. And what a sweet baby.

Klara Eriksson said...

I wish I had been there with you! It looks so nice and Pias work is splendid.


kimberlee said...

what poetic words about jewelry. very inspiring pieces

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great!
I really like it.

ah_yi said...

the jewelery is so wild!
very very nice!