I'm getting excited about Ambatalia's new collection and website. I took these pictures for the site a few days ago. Let me know what you think!

For those who don't know Ambatalia, it is the greatest place on earth; a "brown boutique" of organic fabrics, sustainable goods and vintage treasures. For those that aren't in the Bay Area, get ready because pretty soon you can shop online!
Lover's Pillow

Men's Kimono + Tableware

Celebration Flags


FruensWerk said...

Like the flags...and good photos I think...I´ll check the online shop when it´s ready :D

kimberlee said...

what a pretty place, I am off to explore the link

colette rose said...

such a pretty and uplifting site to explore :)

Michelle said...

Oh neeto, love that stuff, so pretty.

kimberlee & Lies said...

Exciting! The flags are so sweet.
Good luck!!!

Mila said...

Oh wow! That's very pretty! You took great pictures.
I will be visiting the website in about a few seconds and i think i will do a post about it on my blog.
I also still want to do a post about your will take me some time, but it will defenitely on my blog.
Have a nice day! :) Mila.