Last night Molly and i went to an opening at August in North Oakland that was held in honor of master indigo dyer Yasuo Nakajima. The event itself was so nice... mint tea, sake, chicken dumplings and rice balls, fried fish and sushi rolls. Mr. Nakajima was very funny too, I saw him giggling to himself about something :)

It was such an honor to meet the person who is behind the fabric you've been obsessing about for the past two years! Check out all his fabric we have in the shop here.


maggienikole said...

it looks lovely.

molly said...

gorgeous layout. and what a neat idea that a shop (?) would have a party for the master dyer. that's beautiful.

kimberlee said...

openings are always nicer when there is homemade food involved.

this one looks wonderful and dreamy in the lighting

hodge podge said...

oh how i wish i could have gone! japanese fabrics and homemade food... what a dreamy evening. so rare to have the chance to appreciate the person behind the fabric, instead of 'just' the clothes ;o)