I mostly like to spend my Special Saturday going out and doing something but today I just stayed in and watched the storm outside. I was reminded of this post about yellow and also began notcing it catching my eye. I also baked bread for the first time with a bread machine and it was sooo easy and tasted delicious!


marie said...

your bread looks lovely
nothing better than fresh bread!

Czina said...

i like your new header.
bread looks tasty.
and the storm... wow.

Mila said...

Hello! I wanted to let you know i still visit your blog a few times a week and it still is one of my absolute favourtites. You create such beautiful and inspiring things!
The girl below: such a sweetheart and the clothes loo amazing on her!
Keep on doing the great things. I love it.
Have a very nice week! :)

GAIL said...

The bread looks delicious. Did you make fresh butter to go with it? If not, try it. (it would be fun to do with your class also. Children like seeing the butter appear. Then spread on crackers and eat!) Heavy whipping cream in a jar with lid. Shake it until it starts forming chunky butter. Add salt to taste. Yummy!

ashley rose helvey said...

yes! fresh butter! i do remember making it that way as a kid, great idea to make it with the kids at school!