So here is the building the show was in! I was so impressed... right across from Grand Central Station!


On the rack.
In the lobby.
Johanna's precious daughter.

Music. Far right is Johanna's husband.


comfies said...

this is really exciting

Kaori said...

Hey Ashley!
Did you take some rest after the show and NY trip?
I saw the baby dress that you gave Vida last night!!!
She really really loves the dress.
Everyone from Ekovaruhuset loved it!
You are an amazing artist and I'm really thankful to collabrate with you!

minnie said...

i don't ever remember grand central station having such an impressive building, the white is such an amazing backdrop...and your dress collabration is spectacular, you are very fortunate to make such a wonderful connection with kaori.... hope you work together in the future and i can see your cloths on leos girlfriend////

GAIL said...

Very impressive miss Ashley. I do believe "you are on your way"!

Bridget said...

AHHH Ashley that is so exciting i really want to hear all about it! looks so professional

kimberlee & Lies said...

Oh wow! The spaces are wonderful, the dress is soooooooo beautiful, the little girl so sweet...
You are very talented, and lucky!
X Lies