Another exciting project I am working on is for Chinese fashion designer Ma Ke. She just debuted her new label Wu Yong, which in Mandrin is "Useless." She uses all organic and sustainable fabrics and uses traditional craft in unusual ways (like burying silk dresses under lychee trees by her studio!), so I am making her some samples! This is a neck piece to show that you can make seamless pieces. I am so very excited!


Line said...

You seem to have so many interesting projects going on! So excited to see how it all turns out! Beautiful photos of your work lately as well.
Thank you for introducing Ma Ke - she seems to be such an interesting designer. I would like to know everything about her dress-burials!

Mila said...

Fantastic! Such a bautiful fabric. I am really looking forward to see more of your projects..
Beautiful pictures you have posted the last couple of days. Thanks for sharing.

kimberlee & Lies said...

Wonderfully simple and yet so different. Stunning!
X Lies

K said...

Oh Ashley these are gorgeous along with the wedding pieces above. i would love to see them in person.


Czina said...

this is interesting! i don!t like the ones with lace collar, but this is really somthing!