Sruli Recht's "process" via this wonderful blog
russian felt boots
This issue at Modern Child

Jewellery of Pia Aleborg

Bird textile by Mina Perhonen
K(not) wood fabric at Tortoise


Mila said...

Great post! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. It's very nice to get some comments for a change! ;)
Of course it's okay you used my blog for your post! It would be even better when you would put my blog with your 'i love..links'. ;)
I would really appreciate that!
Thanks so much and hope to see you some time in Holland or the States as i am planning to visit the USA any time soon!

Mila said...

Oh i forgot to tell you the first picture of Sruli Recht is not visible!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Sruli Recht inspired by he-man's "Orko"?

Probably not, but immediately noticed the resemblance.

Wood print fabric... awesome! Would love to see it in a Teak pattern. Zebrawood will do just fine.


peteski said...

OK, who can make me a jacket from that woodgrain fabric?

ps. 42L