So far my New Year's resolution of getting up early has been wonderful! Top things about getting up this morning:
1. Taking a hot bath with candles and rose petal soaps
2. Washing my dishes
3. Cooking a warm meal to take to work with me


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful way to start your day....they say if you take time to care for yourself, you will be able to have much engery all day to give to others, which in turn they will give back to you in many ways.

karin said...

The photo of the window with the green view and the green fish in front of it is fantastic! Woul love to have this as poster :)

Line said...

I love the green photo, too! How lovely, and what a good start to your morning project. Sounds wonderful.

kimberlee & Lies said...

Yes the fish-pic has a lyrical quality, Ashley. Thank you for putting us in your blog-roll. I very much liked your previous diary-post too : is that your art-work? How wonderful!
X Lies (Anemone)

Tessa said...

looks like a cosy apartment you live in! seems like you've become a holland-fan! you're always welcome to visit again.
still a happy new year to you!

MAYU said...

the cool window picture could make anyone get of bed. i thought waking up early this year would be a good thing too...ill make sure to remember the picture on the chilly days.