After visiting Claudy's studio her colleague Jellie took me to the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden where she had arranged a private tour with the textile curator! The curator showed me all the felt installations Claudy had been comissioned to do for the museum and THEN took me back into the archives to show me pieces from one of Claudy's first collections. And guess what it was? APPAREL! I was so excited to learn that she had began her exploration of felt with apparel as well... Later I learned she started with apparel, then moved on to interiors, then began working with architects, and now she is reverting back to creating fine art. I found this evolution incredibly interesting and inspiring as I am currently pondering my next step :)


ANDY said...

welcome back. looks like a great trip. thanks for the photo tour!

GAIL said...

What a coincidence that she started with clothing as well.