I'm back! I had such a wonderful trip I cannot even begin to explain, but I will try (and hope I will not bore with lots of posts from my trip)... The first night my best friends from London came and met me and we stayed at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. The hotel and cultural embassy is the most ingenius concept ever- catering to designers and artists while offering a luxury room rating from one to five stars. So the three of us stayed in a beautiful room for only 80 euros! Also, the best part was that Claudy had been comissioned to create ceiling-to-floor window shutters for the hotel as well as a beautiful throw blanket for one of the couches in the cafe. It was the first time I had seen one of her works in person, so this experience was especially exciting because it was totally touchable!


minnie said...

cool hotel, love her throw on the excited read about more details....want to see all the photos of life in amsterdam.

Czina said...

it looks like great trip. with lot of adventures. i am waiting for more photos!