So... I have decided that I am going to start my very own "label" of felted things under the name "DANKEN". I think it represents two very powerful tools in life: to thank; be grateful for and to think; be conscious of. So far, I am working on some fade purses and fade dresses that will be part of this line and considering doing smock dresses for kids, but am not too sure how they will hold up, I do work at a preschool :)


Allie said...

Hi Ash! I actually understand that seeing is how I am in German classes now. Your mom sent me to your blog and it is great. I love this idea for a name...Auf Wiedersehen or as the Swiss say Adieu, Allie

molly said...

and danken is very close to danica, someone we also love! fantastic name for a biz. GOOOO ASHLEY!!

shayna said...