This weekend was Dwell Magazine's Dwell on Design Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco. One of the mothers at my school works in advertising, so I got a free pass whoopie! I liked hearing the designers of Heath Ceramics and Prefab speak about their challenges and inspirations. My favorite was this AMAZING furniture company OHIO. Sadly, I was too shy to take photos at the booth because the men were so hot, but check out their site if you're in the Bay Area because they have great design, use sustainable/reclaimed wood, are hot, and afforable :)

1. theBEHOLDER- painting by Matthew Feyld

2+5+6. ZINCdetails- wooden dolls by Alexander Girard

3+4. RETROatHOME- vintage

8. DAVIDluskGALLERY- painting by Maysey Craddock


minnie said...

if your green and growing, ripe and rotten.....isn't that the truth.....once you stop growing emotionally, you grow ripe and thing to remember...nana was right

sara said...

ah that painting are just so superfine.

comfies said...

okay i followed your link and i want some of that heathware immediately!