Oy! I got to meet Mika, the lead singer of Finnish krautrocky band Circle last night! He is the COOLEST guy ever lemme tell you... I met him before the show and he was probably one of the nicest people ever and looked how he did in above photo. Then I saw him perform wearing a skin-tight purple shirt, studs, and parisian cap- totally transformed- and he had the BEST dance moves in the history of dance moves. I was laughing and smiling so much that my cheeks felt funny after the show. Also, it was neat to see them play from the top of a Muni bus under a freeway. Only in San Francisco :) haha


bridget said...

your hair is shorter...looks really cute!

Blake said...

"I hate cool people"

-Ashley Rose Helvey

peteski said...

what planet is this - can I visit?

ps. heads up!