I am in the process of rethinking my whole life I think and it's funny that blogging has been such a huge part of it. It has opened a whole new world of design and inspiration and living that I had never known before. In this whole new evolving me, I have set out to rethink everything in my life: my profession, my home, and my wardrobe. I have always used my clothes as an expression of my creativity and have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS worn nothing but vintage. However, recently I have been very attracted to these new modern clothing designers with clean lines and interesting shapes and am wanting to restyle my life with them :) You can get these pieces on sale here.

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michelle said...

How exciting! I know what you mean about blogging, it is another universe, so opening, and I can't remember how I lived before I knew so much! I love your blog, so I know you have great taste, your new look will be fabulous. ssoooo, when you gonna start selling felt slippers?