A good friend of mine just moved to New Brunswick, NJ and has just found a small room in a quaint apartment. This is how I would decorate it if I were there:
1. Cavern Home wallpaper OR
2. Vintage German wallpaper
3. Mi-Workshop wooden clock
4. White on White mid-century end table
5. IKEA bedside table
6. IKEA Katrin textile (which I would make a duvet from)
7. Ratzer plaid-orange wool-throw (not shown- but go look... so cool)
8. Barbour International Jacket for the cold winter :)



Blake said...

OMFG!!! I am set for the fall and winter, I can't believe how nice the jacket looks, and they are made to order in all sizes. I think I'll have my measurments taken so that I can order the right size, after consulting you of course. And the wall paper, it's so funny, I was walking by a shop in Williamsburg the other day and they had a few prints from Cavern. I really like the German ones though, I think I will order from them because you can't beat German Vintage, ausgezeichnet. You are the best ever, I can't believe you put all this together. Now I can suprise you when you visit!!!

Blake said...

And the bed side table, if it fits, would go perfectly with the wallet-keys-change box from MOMA, ha!!!