HURRAY! I just discovered another IKEA secret: They have a great "Swedish Speciality" section in their deli that has decent Swedish food imports. My favorite were the frozen meatballs- they're easy and fast and taste delicious with potatoes and cream sauce. I left out the lingonberry marmalade, but they were great with a beer! Can any of you lovely Swedes tell me what this dish is called in Swedish?


michelle said...

Brave girl, I have been too scared to try any of the Ikea food, but if you say it is good, maybe I will have to check it out.

emma said...

I love Ikeas meatballs! But you should really try the lingonberry jam next time too!

In Swedish, this dish is called Kottbullar med potatis. (there is supposed to be two dots over the o in kottbullar but I'm writing from Amsterdam so I don't have any swedish letters right now) The sauce is called brunsas (again, a dot over the a).

Alex said...

KÖTTBULLAR (pluralis)
KÖTTBULLE (singularis)

BULLE is a cute word.

sara said...

you can also try pannbiff it´s sort of a köttbulle but flat and we serve it with potatoes and fried onion and again this lingonsylt.

molly said...

ashley, you HAVE to go early on sat or sun morn for their AMAZING breakfast, as well. coffee that'll make you think you're einstein (and who doesn't want THAT?!)--it's worth it. and yeah, those meatballs are guuuuuud stuff!