I think I have underestimated the work of the common housewife. Today at the laundromat as I watched a woman meticulously fold her underwear I realized there is an art to house keeping. The way you fold your clothes, clean your sink, polish your dishes, cook your food... I think of my Omie who's house is cleaner than anyone I know. Every cloth is perfectly pressed and folded and each and every object is treated with the upmost love and care. I strive to take such care of my things and hope to someday master the art of living.


shayna said...

hey ashley,

thanks for your kind comments. i just did a brief scroll through your archives and the love is mutual. i will definitely check out the felting shop, your pieces are BEAUTIFUL! it seems that we may have run in the same circle, i just moved to oakland from sf about 3 weeks ago...


michelle said...

I completely understand what you mean, I try to be like that too, and I try to not let myself be convinced by "society" that I am not engaged in meaningful work, and I take real pride in keeping a nice house. P.S. I feel like a teenager using society in quotes, ha.