A mother at the school I work at is a stylist and needed a pair of felted slippers for a McGuire photo shoot, so she asked me to make her a pair. At first I dreaded the idea... slippers just aren't my thing... but as I played with the idea and design I realized there could actually be semi-cute ones. It took me hours to get the pattern right, but eventually I came up with these two styles. The best part was taking photos at my colleague Anto's house. Her husband is an architect and I had fun pretending I was doing a photo shoot for Dwell or something.


GAIL said...

Your slippers are soooo cute. I want a pair!

Anonymous said...

i love the slippers...especially the ones that are at an angle, and your photo shoot of them in the prefect house, the orange color i think is my favorite.

michelle said...

Wow, you really rocked it! These are killer, so do you sell them, take commissions? Great photo shoot too, when you look at them all in a row, it looks like you shot a stop animation of your slippers hanging out, before the fire, on a chair...cute.