Since I quit my Saturday job at Aquarius and am not working 7 days a week, I decided I would spend all Saturdays enjoying the small pleasures of life like noticing these small and strange berries on the sidewalk in the Mission district. This Saturday, I did EVERYTHING that brings me joy. Starting here:
1. Parked at Polk and Leavenworth to eat at La Mexicana
2. Ate 2 Special Durado Tacos and realized you only need one because they secretly give you two tortillas
3. Visited In Fiore, the most wonderful privately-owned parfumery that specializes in holistic skincare (made in the shop:) and exclusive parfumes like Cortes, an amazing scent designed for a beautiful hotel in Paris. My favorite: Lustra Cleansing Balm Concentre- an exfolating flower scrub, Liebling deodarant, and the big glass bottle of Cortes parfum. I am so sad I forgot to take a picture of the store front... but it reminds me of this parfumery near the Sacre Coeur in Paris.

4. Popped nextdoor to Tsurukichi, by far the most interesting design studio in San Francisco where I was especially inspired by Matt's own collection of vintage Japanese boxes.

indigo threads and beautiful mermaid doll created from scraps made by Matt's boyfriend
new and vintage shirts dyed and printed in indigo
small vintage box the Japanese lunchbox is the best!
this tea box was made by a one of Japan's National Treasure woodworkers from one piece of wood! It felt incredible to open and close!
i love the ironing board that has turned blue from all the indigo :)

5. Then after selling clothes and shopping at The Painted Bird and getting coffee to-go at Tartine, I drove to the Conservatory of Flowers in the park to try and see their new exhibit called CHOMP! Carnivorous Plants, but it had closed :( Oh well, there is always next Saturday :)


Anonymous said...

what a glorious day, love the photo of the berries to start the day. and the perfume store, in my next life i want to mix scents, i have always been intoxicated with lotions, perfumes. i cannot buy without opening the bottle and smelling the scent, then putting the lotion on, 10 of them if they have them.

comfies said...

conservatory of flowers is one of my favorite places ever...

molly said...

what an awesome day! i love those berries too, and have tried shooting them in the past, but haven't gotten it right yet.