Most delicious meatball spinach soup adapted from Canal House, so fast and tasty...
-simmer veggie broth and drop meatballs in
-let float to rop and cook for 1 minute
-toss in spinach right before you're about to serve
-finish with lemon and pepper

For meatballs, knead pork (you can subsitute 1/2 veal but our butcher was out) a huge handful of parmesan, generous amount of garlic, sea salt, and a farm egg together and form into tiny balls and boil in broth. You can strain broth to remove meatball particles so it's clearer, but I didn't mind.


annton said...

this looks too good. off to the kitchen, maybe there is some left.

emily said...

i can't get enough of canal house these days either. ps. i love your world and how you share it.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am such an admirer of your blog. Every post makes me happy and inspires my day. thank you!

I have a question about the Canal House cookbooks- which of them do you use? I know there is a series of 1-6 or so, and there is a separate 'everyday' cookbook. Can you recommend which one you find most useful? (unfortunately I can't buy them all)
Thanks, Jillian

ashley said...

Yes! I know- would love to have them all... I just started with the "everyday" one, but my friend who turned me onto them loves No. 4. They're so worth it.

Anonymous said...

Great!! I can't wait to pick up a copy. Have you seen the box sets 1-3 and 4-6... I am so tempted!!!