It goes without saying that the food was amazing.
Leif is so incredibly talented.
 I did a little mini-interview with him:

What did you eat today for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? I had the farmhouse vegetarian lunch at Boulette's Larder for lunch. I am going to Mission Chinese for dinner.

Favorite places to eat in SF? Favorite places to eat in SF include Commonwealth, Delfina, Delfina Pizzeria, Flour and Water, Bar Tartine, Range, Zuni Cafe, Outerlands, and Kappou Gomi.

Cooking essentials/must haves? Ingredients I like to have on hand are Pedro Ximenez vinegar, piment d'esplette, lemons, good olive oil, brown butter, fennel pollen, and yuzu kosho

Cooking tip? Don't be scared of fat and salt

Simple recipe for summer? Blend a basket of cherry tomatoes with the seeds of one vanilla bean and a little salt for a simple, unique soup.

What are your essential cooking appliciances/utensils? My favorite appliances and utensils are my cast iron pans, my vita-prep 3 blender, and my various japanese knives

fried artichokes with smoked salt and yuzu kosho

mussel, salicornia, beach weeds, wildflowers (all foraged from Laird's Landing)

fava, corn, asparagus, shitake, nasturtium
drawing, painted with wine

the best wine from Bolinas, and Sean Thackery himself pouring... (watch this video)
the most delicious salad
blueberry rhubard galette


erica lorraine scheidt said...

oh geez louise. gorgeous. dreamy. perfect.

can i repost a picture and a bit of the interview on rqd?


NICOMADE said...

wow! that looks absolutely incredible ashley! what a night to remember.

m i l e n a said...

is this for real?

ashley said...

of course erica!

yeah i know, it was kind of over the top

Anonymous said...

holy wow! and i really like his cooking tip.

SASHA said...

one of my favorite things i ever made, cooked down tomatoes with a vanilla bean, ate on rice with fried sausage. it was a random thought and yea, turned out to be so good.
his food. looks amazing.

Joseph Meade said...

Thanks for sharing these photos! Leif just spent some time with us in Nevada City, dinner discussion on the land this fall! This is so inspiring!

Joseph Meade said...

oops I forgot to sign out of my husband's email for that last comment!
-Wendy Van Wagner

roberta jane said...

glad to hear delfina pizzeria and zuni cafe made the list, two of my favorite sf spots.
looks like a really amazing place and meal.

ashley said...

yesss, so inspiring!

eve/cheese said...

my brother rules.

bellefleurdelis said...

all the food looks so good!