Dinner Discussion No. 33
My friend Leif Hedendal changed the entire way I thought about food five years ago when I attended his Dinner to Dye For, which he collaborated on with plant dyer and friend, Sasha Duerr.
Food came alive for me that night and I have never prepared a single dish without his inspiration in mind.
Everything down to the way he words his menus is beautiful...

For the past three years, Leif has been hosting a Dinner Discussion every month that brings together the most eclectic group of artists, film makers, musicians, activists, and the like... which seemed to me to be the definition of Kinfolk Magazine.
There is no topic, just people getting together to enjoy a meal– 
a lot like sitting down at a community table in a crowded restaurant.
I foraged some local flora around the Marin Headlands: orange blossoms, bay, fennel, and Magnolias
and borrowed some incredible pottery from Oakland ceramicist Jered Nelson and woolen blankets from Gravel and Gold.
As you can imagine, it was a very special night– as are all his meals.

Miso soup

 Bay leaves

 Nettle puree, roasted onions, sunchokes, and chanterelles

 Les and Leif
 Amy Franceschini, Stijn, and Twilight


R.G. said...

that looks like such an incredible, beautiful experience! his food looks stunning.

Sewon said...

What an amazing meal! I'm browsing through the Dinner Discussion blog now, and I'm totally mesmerized.

Jessica Kleoppel said...

this sounds and looks amazing. fascinating that one event can forever change the way you think about something so important. it's beautiful.

natasha said...

incredible! the men with the heavy blankets... such a powerful image.

Sara - said...

wow, so nice. love it when people are passionate about something and share it with others.

eve/cheese said...

that's my brother! he's amazing.