I could eat greens for every meal.
They are my favorite just blanched in salt water,
squeezed out and sliced into ribbons
with a touch of tamari and brown rice vinegar.
Here I had them with daikon, carrot, scallion, tofu, toasted sesame tossed with tamari and brown rice vinegar
 oop, with an egg!
How do you eat your greens?


Sarah said...

That looks so fresh and appealing, and I love that wooden bowl. I love greens, too, from wild arugula tossed into my oatmeal or just sauteed and eaten on the side of my meal. The less that's done to them, the better.

margaret cruzemark said...

This is so great. I love it!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Belinda said...

This looks so good, Ashley. You really prepare such great whole foods.

I eat lots of greens too. I find steaming or stir frying the easiest. I use Braggs liquid aminos or apple cider vinegar to season, with toasted sesame seeds. Maybe a bit of agave nectar if I want something a bit sweet.

That egg looks good. What method are you using to hard boil now?

SASHA said...

yea blanched in salt water or steamed. tossed with umeboshi vinegar good too. looks like you have the egg thing down:))

silvia said...

this is also my favorite way to eat greens. it's simple and delicious! but i haven't been able to add sesame seeds (and sesame oil) to my diet since i had my daughter; it was one of many things i could not eat while i had morning sickness and has not gone away!

the addition of egg looks so good! i must try that. :)

joanna said...

i would eat the hell out of this. yum.
i love greens, and it's amazing what they do for my skin! i recently gave myself a caffeine limit and have replaced it with green juices and smoothies and my skin is glowing. it's crazy town.

anyway, i live for kale salads with poached eggs or hard boiled eggs, feta, some type of seed or nut, and olive oil and lemon.

thanks for this post/recipe!

HJ Son said...

this is really similar to Korean food!

J and K said...

Your blog is such a big inspiration.

Greens are my favourite ones too, especially spinach. I can eat it everyday.

alessandra said...

This dish looks very yummi. I steam my greens lightly then I add lemon juice, extra vergin olive oil and a pinch of salt ( the Italian way).

Margaux said...

Mmmmh, that looks delicious! :-)